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Where we interview entrepreneurs we meet traveling the world, who share their stories to inspire you!

Esse foi o banco de esperma que a Mari escolheu. Ela se surpreendeu e descobriu que ela tinha uma ideia totalmente pre-conceituosa sobre o assunto. A Fairfax Cryobank atua em mais de 50 países. Ne...

Meet Roman Calavera, Founder of CREC, one of the best coworkings in Barcelona. My first interview with a local, Spanish entrepreneur, founder of CREC, the first coworking I joined in BCN. I felt so we...


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There is a lot of good stuff out there about how to meditate, but since people have been asking me how I do it and how they should start, I decided to sum up some of what I have learned so far. Hope this helps...


Most of the high performers I read about were into the same things, being meditation the number one mentioned. I had always wanted to try it but I was too anxious. And as they say, the ones who find it harder to meditate are the...


I want to thank you who encouraged me to go on this ride. One more for my collection of life experiences. How grateful I am. I breathed, I silenced, I struggled, I noticed, I let go, I relaxed and I breathed again! Never breathed so much...


The best decision I’ve made recently was risking everything, turning down a proposal for a tempting job I had in Brazil to become an online entrepreneur and a world traveler. Better known as "Digital Nomad", this professional profile is increasingly common. These are people who...